What's the best way for Dave to sell stuff this fall?

Pester family and friends
43% (3 votes)
Garage sale (not the best time of year for one though)
14% (1 vote)
An ad in the Buy & Sell
14% (1 vote)
14% (1 vote)
A store like Cash Converters
14% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7


What is Dave selling anyway?

I'm currently debating selling all sorts of different stuff ranging from furniture to books to electronics to photo gear.

  • One thing that I'm giving some consideration is the possibility of selling off a large part (if not virtually all) my current computer equipment (laptop + desktop), and then using the money to acquire a new laptop with a little bit more power.
  • Photo gear: I think that I may just sell my doubler regardless, as I don't know if it's seeing enough use to justify keeping it. Additionally, I'm debating the merits of moving to something all digital - perhaps some digital all-in-one model.
    While SLRs are nice and all, the digital ones tned not to have the ability to shoot movies (from what I've seen), which would be a nice feature to have I think. Calgary would mean moving from my current partly-transit transportation to something fully-transit, and it would thus be nice to have a unit a little more compact. If I decide to return to using an SLR in a few years, I'm also wondering if I should stick with Nikon or convert to Canon. Even if I do decide to stick to Nikon, with the current lack of a body from them with a full-frame sensor I might need to replace some of my lenses anyways to be able to get good wide-angle shots.

I'm somewhat interested in Dave's laptop. Being able to test web pages in Safari would be handy. Not sure if I can afford to pay what you might be hoping for it though. When you decide what you want to sell, make a list with prices.

Most digital all-in-ones I've seen have no audio, and digital video cameras are just a bulky as SLRs. Even without audio, you'll need some big memory cards for appreciable length of video.

A fair number of the all-in-ones that I looked at did have audio to go alongside the video (although I'm not quite sure how well the mic would work). A lot of them offered video in 320x240 and/or 640x480 at 15 or 30 FPS, and a fair number of those limited the length of movies recorded to the capacity of the memory card (which could give a relatively reasonable amount of recording time). Basically audio-support would be on my list of features to shop for.

Here a couple of the cameras that I've been looking at:

Sony Cybershot DSC-W5 - records video with audio with the length limited by the size of the memory card. Battery life seems fairly reasonable, the lens not too bad (although it's only got a 3x zoom). One downside is that it's using Sony Memory Sticks. This one's about $400 at A & B sound.

I'm also looking at the Panasonic DMC-FZ5. This sucker has a 12x optically stabilized zoom lens, 320x240 movies with audio and length limited by size of memory card, and sells for about $600.

What are the cost of Sony Memory Sticks versus whatever the Panasonic is using?

I can get a gig memory stick for $120 if I shop at the right place. It's a little more expensive than Secure Digital which seems to be the thing that most cameras are using these days.

Regarding browser testing with Safari, I think that the latest version is only available with OS X Tiger (10.4).

AFAIK that is correct.

Wow! With the crystal-clear direction that the responses to this poll have given, now I know just what to do! ;-)