October railfanning

Seeing as we've now hit the 10th month of 2005, another day of railfanning is on the horizon. One of my 2 remaining railfanning days is scheduled for October. So, canyon trip, or something a little more exotic, like Stevens Pass? Naturally, the 15th is out, as that's the model railroad show (who's coming to that, by the way?) What other saturdays look attractive at this point? Any takers?


The current plan in my mind is to go to Harrison to check out the sandcastles the coming weekend, so I'm not quite sure if that will leave much time for railfanning. If going railfanning, another possibility might be to chase a train from Vancouver to Lillooet along the former BCR (CN doesn't exactly run them at high frequency, but are the trains running at fairly predictable times?)

I don't think that I'll be making it to the model railroad show - it's just not my thing. Darren needs a new bumper sticker or two ... or three ... though (getting some magnetic backing at the same time might improve his life expectancy)

Chasing on the former BCR might not work real well...I don't think the trains leave at times which permit you to follow one all the way along the Squamish Sub.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

I got my magnetic backing at Michael's in Langley. Unfortunately the individual sheets don't come in convenient bumper sticker sizes, so I had to buy a whole roll.

I'm planning to attend the model railroad show this year. (Admission is $5 for those who have forgotten.) Not particularly interested in railfanning unless it's 2816 or the RCP.

I'm planning to head over there too, so I guess we'll be meeting up here first?

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

Could do, though I don't know where you live. I was also thinking of going to the Book Man that day, and you probably will want to do some railfanning.

We could definitely do that as well. The tracks are close, so we could probably hit all three at various times in the day. To get to our new place, take the number 3 road exit, follow #3 Rd all the way into Yarrow, a 3-way stop at Yarrow Central Rd. Take a right there, and take your first left (Stewart Rd). We're down past the school on the left hand side, 3940 Stewart Rd (the mobile home). I'll have my phone on all day, and our new home number is 823-2136, so you'll be able to get some help if you get completely lost. See you then!

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

BTW, how is the fall colouring in your area?

Not bad at all...should peak within the next week or so I figure.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

If doing some railfanning in the next few weeks, might it be a better idea to stick to the relatively local area, to hopefully get a better view of them. I don't think that we'd see near as much of that in the canyon.

Well, I'll be heading out when we go to the model railroad show, and possibly a little bit here and there besides that. That said, there can be a lot of fall color in certain areas of the canyon.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

If Dave wants to railfan locally, come to the show with us.