Well, the invoice has arrived...

It seems that I've finally received my renewal invoice for the hosting account here (my current year ends on something like November 7th I think). Now I guess comes decision time, as to whether or not I renew for another year. I'm fairly optomistic about where I'll be in January at this point - the remaining issues will hopefully be settled one way or the other in under a week - and I may not be quite as tight financially as I originally thought so I think that I may end up springing for a renewal.

Any thoughts on the site's speed / uptime over the course of the past year?


Can't say I noticed any problems on this end.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

Speed and uptime have better than most webhosts I've experienced.

Over the course of the past few days I seem to have been getting some rather slow response times, and even the occasional failure. Is it just me, or have the rest of you been seeing this as well?

The only slowness I experience is while at home, but that's slowness in general and not specific to your site.

I'm wondering if it might be a problem with Shaw or something, given that that's how I connect from home (and also your method of connecting IIRC). Connecting from SFU seems to work fine, or at least I can't recall any downtime.