Big buildings in Surrey

I was at the CKNW website looking to see if they had any information on something else, and happened to stumble across the following news item (more details via the Vancouver Sun).

Basically, it sounds like there are plans to throw up an 81 storey building in Surrey (according to the story, this would be the tallest skyscraper in Canada). I knew that they were planning a bunch of 30 - 40 storey buildings near the Skytrain line in Surrey, but I hadn't heard anything about putting up a building quite this tall.

Kind of interesting, but I suspect that this can be tied in to the upcoming civic elections here. Perhaps targetting people who disliking the oodles of land being used by all the townhouse developments that have been springing up here of late? Do you think that this actually stands a good chance of going through, as it seems - if you read the Vancouver Sun article - there may still be zoning issues in spite of the mayor's claims otherwise?


Soudnds really tall.
As long as it doesn't fall over in an earthquake, it's a good thing! Less urban sprawl, more downtown core. Assuming it doesn't deteriorate the general crime situation.


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I have a hard time seeing this going through. For starters, I'm not aware of any lots big enough to build it on without demolishing existing structures. The amount of space between the building and anything else must be half the height of the building. Then there's the issue of profitability. Look at Central City and how long it sat almost empty.

Regardless, I definitely would like to see it go through. Skyscrapers are the best way of fitting more people into a smaller area while still having a decent amount of living area. And of course skyscrapers are good for business, since that is our primary market. If they can get the permit to build it, we'll be quoting a plan for it.