Canon's Canadian pricing is crap!

I'm still debating whether or not I can afford to acquire a digital camera. However, one conclusion that I've come to is that Canon's Canadian pricing for the A610 is crap. It can be acquired for $285US (~ $340CDN) at the large retail chain's websites. The same camera is current ON SALE in Canada for $420, and most stores currently have this model at $450.


Hmn... just noted that the minimum operating temperature for both the Sony DSC-W5 and Canon A610 is listed as 0 degrees celcius. Calgary. Gets kinda cold out there in the winter. Most electronics have problems in cold environments though, a lot of cameras will freeze up if it's too cold.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

Hmn... your D30 actually lists a minimum operating temperature of 0 degrees Celcius as well. (although Googling around, it seems that some people are using it in colder conditions).

Perhaps given the weather I'd be best off just to stick with my current camera gear for the moment.

Well, I guess I'll find out how well it likes cold weather this winter, eh? Even your film body could freeze up if it's cold enough. AFAIK the batteries are the real issue in cold weather, not anything else. That's one (small) advantage of old fully manual film bodies.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

The suggestion that I've been getting from digging around via Google is that film bodies generally handle the cold better than digital ones (although it would be the film cameras with the larger number of moving parts).

As I said, as far as I know, it's the batteries that are the issue. Perhaps because of the bigger reliance on batteries, the digitals suffer more in the cold.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

I personally would suspect that it would be more likely the LCDs that would be the first to go. The colder it gets you'll definitely have lower battery life, but it should still work somewhat so I don't see why they list a minimum operating temperature simply due to reduced battery performance.