Pi Day

Just a little advance notice that tomorrow is Pi Day, in case you need time to plan your celebration. For those using 12-hour clocks, celebration is at 1:59pm; for those using 24-hour clocks, celebration is at 15:09 (3:09pm).

For those who are somewhat new to Rotundus and wondering what all the fuss is about, Pi Day is an unofficial celebration of the mathematical constant π. We didn't invent it, and we aren't the only ones observing it.


Well, I just wiped the π-day comment from the story above, since somehow I managed to miss your π-day post. What's nerdier than a single π-day post? - two of 'em!

Hmn... how to celebrate? Maybe I should wear the t-shirt I got at a previous π-day celebration...

Hehe. You both posted the same thing? That's classic!

And now for the uniformed- what makes n-day so special?

Horrors! Calling π-day n-day - what could be worse!?!??!

You could use a few more links in your posting - how about the wikipedia article for starters.

I'm trying to figure out who's offering the best π merchandise - the first million digits poster is kind of cool, although at $200 US it's a bit too pricey. I do like this collection for its variety, although I must say that I still like Thinkgeeks stuff.

It's not really π-related, but I figured that I would also mention a few interesting shirts.

And, not to be forgotten amidst the celebrations - March 14th was also Einstein's birthday!