A comic for the metrically inclined

Since adding the comic strip application to my facebook profile, I've started reading more comics again. Here's one that seemed fitting for this site:


I don't see what's wrong with Imperial measurements. Dave: how tall and heavy are you? Answer in the units you think of FIRST!

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

Height for me works equally well in both measurements systems. Weight, I don't really care enough to know offhand in either system (although I probably tend to think in imperial there).

We think in imperial units first because people here still uses imperial units for height and mass, moreso when we were younger. I would be quite happy to measure my mass in kilograms if I had a scale that displayed it. (And not just because the numbers would be smaller. :-P ) Adjusting to centimeters for height would be slightly more difficult, but do-able. Some swimming pools switched to measuring depth in centimeters several years ago already, so it would be nice to switch over at some point for height too.

From an engineering perspective, when you're crunching numbers all day, metric is much easier to work with! Except construction folk like to use imperial, so you can't win...