Coming copyright changes...

Comments from Industry Canada have suggested that new copyright legislation may be introduced in a few weeks.

To quote Michael Geist (Law Professor at the University of Ottawa):

There is every indication this legislation will be a complete sell-out to U.S. government and lobbyist demands.

In spite of a request for an interview by a CBC radio show (CBC being the national public broadcaster) - the show notes that "we’ve gotten more comments on this than on every other story we’ve posted, combined" - the government's minister of Industry has declined an interview.

All this in a time when government reports aren't suggesting a whole lot of problems. According to Statistics Canada the profitability of the Canadian music industry is increasing, and an Industry Canada study has suggested that:

According to the data there is "a strong positive relationship between peer-to-peer file sharing and CD purchasing. That is, among Canadians actually engaged in it, P2P file sharing increases CD purchases." (HT: Michael Geist)

Perhaps it's time to start working my way down a list of suggested things to do about this


Additionally, the RCMP has stated that they can't be bothered to go after people who are downloading for personal use only. They are only going after the people who are distributing.