Would you like ties with that?

Sometimes people have suggested that an arts degree leads to you asking "would you like fries with that?", but last week I hit a fairly similar question (albeit, it was "tie" rather than "ties"). I decided to buy a new suit in conjunction with my M.Sc. thesis defense, and the question was asked when I grabbed an extra dress shirt when picking up my new suit.

On the subject of my thesis, I passed my M.Sc. thesis defense this morning. I need to do a few tweaks to the thesis before I can submit the final copy, but am hoping that I can accomplish that within the next couple of days. I'm hoping that, unlike last year, this time I'll actually have a true end-of-year break (depending on what I can get done before I leave I may look at extending my time away).

Then in January begins what for me will be post-secondary degree #3.


Very cool, Dave. Congratulations.


Congrats! So what exactly is #3 going to be now? Doctorate, master of something else?

Doctorate of course.

(Although I just might be crazy enough to consider doing another masters in a completely different subject area sometime in the future - probably not going to happen though).

So is it going to be Dr A; Dr Dave; Dave A, PhD; or "you crazy railfan!"?

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.
Want proof? http://www.darrenboes.com

I'd go for either (b) for alliteration, or (d) because I don't really care about titles and that sort of thing.

Dr. Dave sounds better than Dr. A - maybe this should be the next poll

Are all doctorates Ph.D? Or would a doctorate in computer science be Sc.D?

No, there are a variety of doctorates. For instance, just in theology, besides Ph.D., we also have D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry), D.D. (Doctor of Divinity), and Th.D. (Doctor of Theology). Having said that, not all doctorates are of the same rigour.

Congratulations to Dave!

There are a few institutions that give out D.Sc. (and perhaps other types of sciencey doctorates as well), but the vast majority of institutions seem to issue Ph.D.s for most subject areas. See Wikipedia's page on Doctorates for more details.

Hmm...our Ph.D candidate using Wikipedia.

(I love wikipedia)

I do still have a Ph.D. candidacy exam (probably sometime in 2009) to pass before I get around to a dissertion.