Don't buy Canadian music!

Canadian content regulations are probably the primary reason why I listen to online audio streams instead of radio - no such restrictions apply there (at least not yet).

Canadian content regulations are a good reason to advocate for NOT buying Canadian music:

  1. Such regulations overexpose Canadians to Canadian artists. As a result, Canadians are more likely to get tired of the music of Canadian artists after hearing the same song way too many times.
  2. Since they represent only a small fraction of the worldwide community of artists, the Canadian artists to which I'm exposed will be of lower average quality than international artists to which which I'm exposed.

According to the Calgary Herald, the CRTC (Canadian equivalent of the US FCC) will be holding consultations this year as to whether or not they should try to extend these content regulations to the internet.

I'd hope for sanity by the CRTC, but that may be too much to ask. This is the same government agency quicker to grant for approval for cable companies in Canada to carry Al Jazeera (known for, amongst other things, occasionally calling for the death of all Jews) than something like Fox News.


Eh, Fox News is only marginally better. They called Fred Rogers a bad influence on children.