CS enrollment in decline with university enrolment on the rise...

So, while other departments set new enrolment records, in 2005/2006

... enrolment tumbled 10 per cent in math, computer, and information science, continuing a long-term trend. (Calgary Herald)


Well I don't find this too surprising. The computer industry has been a bit wild over the last few years, and that can make people if-y on signing up for it. I think you made a wise choice by taking English as your Major. Good move.

I assume that you meant English major sarcastically (since as previously mentioned, I'm mostly C.S. with part history).

I do like this quote from Francis Schaeffer though:

In our modern forms of highly specialized education there is a tendency to lose the whole in the parts, and in this sense we can say that our generation produces few truly educated people. True education means thinking by associating across the various disciplines, and not just being highly qualified in one field, as a technician might be. (Francis Schaeffer, Escape from Reason, last page of ch. 1)

Here's a quote for you: "Jack of all trades, master of none."