Those boring summer days?

Am I alone in considering the summer months the most boring time of year? Some people talk of seasonal affective disorder as something that happens due to a lack of sunlight in the winter - I think that I must suffer from the opposite.

Perhaps part of the problem is that I live by the academic calendar, which tends to mean being ridiculously busy and suffering from sleep withdrawal most of the time roughly September through April. Then through those long and dreary summer months my calendar is virtually empty.

Let's see:

  1. no classes to attend,
  2. no classes to teach,
  3. no TV to watch,
  4. church flips to summer mode - missing the christian ed. component,
  5. and most other, regular events seem to be cancelled,

"Go outside you nerd!" you might say. I do spend a decent chunk of time there though. I'd guess that I average 1-2 hours each day outside pretty much year round. My roommate used to laugh at me when my glasses would fog up after going on long walks in the winter but given the choose between -20C and mosquitos I think that I'd opt for the former most of the time.

Do you really need four months to go camping, spend gardening, or mowing your lawn?


Not only what you've mentioned, Dave, but the summer months are the prime time for high sun, which causes washed out colors, and harsh shadows when taking photos. That means the middle of the day is a write-off for photography, as least of some subjects.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait. Nevermind...

I prefer the rest of the year for doing things outside when it's under 20 degrees instead of over 20.

If you like programming, there's plenty of open-source projects out there that you can contribute towards. Or you can just write something yourself from scratch. It's about time for a new computer version of Carcassonne; something modular that can support new expansions as they are released.

Programming is not really one of my main interests, so its unlikely that I'll be doing much of that unless I find a particularly interesting project. (Although I was talking to someone about a possible project today).

To kill time I've been working on two methods of killing brain cells in addition to my normal methods of filling time: