Some movies from the railfanning excursion...

Now that my sister is back from Missouri (her luggage is due by courier at any moment now), I was able to borrow the digital camera she had in her carry-on bag. Using it, I downloaded the contents of the memory card in the other digital camera. Somehow the cable necessary to connect the other digital camera has disappeared, and a little searching hasn't been enough to bring it back.

For the moment you'll have to content yourself with two movie clips, as I haven't yet gotten around to uploading the remaining photos to my photo gallery. The first movie was one I actually had the time to set up on the tripod. Unfortunately, though, the digital camera is not capable of recording sound and also limits video clips to 30 seconds. The second movie is the one that I had originally planned to shoot. With the other train going by at the same time as this second movie was shot, I was forced to shoot this one handheld, and missed out on the shot that I had originally been planning to take.

It would be nice to come back to do something like this again, although I'd like to then have a MiniDV (or higher grade) camera for significantly higher quality, sound, and longer shooting time. What would be nice to add to the kit would be one of these battery-powered hard drives kits I've seen that you can hookup to these and dump the data straight to the drive instead of to tape. Those hard-drive kits are quite pricey though (around $1000 if I recall correctly).

I suspect that I'll only be keeping the movies online a little while as they are significantly bigger than the photos that I normally post.


Kinda grainy, but pretty cool to see the trains actually moving. Anyone feel like a get together just north of Yale tomorrow afternoon?

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

I might be interested in doing something for a while tomorrow, but I've got other stuff necessitating that I be back around here at 5:30 tomorrow evening. Thus I'd probably prefer something a little closer to home.

Shucks...I do have to work in the morning, but I'm not sure Shena or Ryan would be interested in any of the more mundane, close to home locations.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.