For the book-nerd in you to drool over

Believe it or not the above is actually someone's personal library. Wired recently published an article with more photographic goodness and a little information on its contents. It includes such goodies as a hand-painted atlas from 1660 (with the first non-geo-centric maps of the solar system), an instruction model for the Saturn V rocket, and furnishings from a Bond movie. Of course that's only getting started.

Not quite as cool - yet still interesting - is the bibliochaise.


I could use a room like that. My book collection outgrew my bookshelf a long time ago and is showing no signs of stopping. :-(

I would like that, and as I told someone recently--it's okay to covet books. (Okay--I was completely serious.)

Comment on population post (wouldn't let me post there).

What shrinking population? Canada's population has been growing steady, more or less, since Confederation (albeit due to immigration).

If anything population growth should be reduced to alleviate strain on ecosystems (i.e. estimated 15,000 to 40,000 species per year going extinct due largely to human activities, especially resource extraction). Sure we may have to pay more taxes now in the short term, but what about providing a habitable planet to future generations?

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