On a scale of 1 - 5, how would you rate Drupal? (5 == incredibly cool!)


Any particular reason why this shows up on both the right sidebar AND the home page? Just on the sidebar would make sense to me.

The sidebar shows the most recent poll, and the homepage just shows the polls in the order that they're created. I haven't looked into that, but it may be changeable.

BTW, the Drupal indicator that comments are new is really nice.

Agreed, it's nice not having to remember what I've already read. It's also nice being able to read all the replies on one page instead of navigating many pages.

The reading of all replies on one page is configurable (I can't remember if it was in PHPNuke or not - I suspect that it probably was, but never really got around to playing around with that). BTW, the pages are set so that they break up once you hit 50 comments on any given story (which I think that we accomplished once or twice in the past).

Ok. I've moved the poll to the right side of the page now. Is this better, or does it put some of the stuff too low down on the page?

Either way looked fine to me, but my resolution is sitting at 1280x1024.

Ditto the 1280x1024 at home (as that's my LCD's native resolution), but at the systems here at SFU (which I think are mainly 1024x768) it seems to cut off some of the poll and all of the "Who's online" block

For high-res viewing, the three-column view is a little nicer because the paragraphs are narrower. I read an article about that last month, can't remember where though. It was some well-known web developers blog.

I sort of like the three-column view too, but when dealing with lower-resolution monitors the columns can be rather wide. How does three narrower columns sound?

I'll have to see what some of these other themes look like too.

The left and right columns are a little bigger than most sites. Narrowing them a bit should be a relatively simple feat.