Additional incentive for a get together?

I've already mentioned this to Ryan, but everyone else is unaware that me and Shena (with Eliana, obviously) are moving back to "the sticks" on the 10th. We've found a place with 2 bedrooms in Yarrow. It's a mobile home, on the same property as the Schoutens (the parents of Lauren, who was in our class). Therefore, may I suggest a Monday afternoon/evening get together with the whole group?


Would that get-together include the previously mentioned movie? Just trying to see when (not if) I should rent it.

If you moving away from civilization, it might be nice to do one last get-together at your current place. (Speaking of civilization, has the new Tim Hortons on Fraser opened up yet?). Not sure what sort of activity to do, or when for that matter. As it's currently in the works for Darren and I to go railfanning on Monday morning, if it turns I have other things that I need to get accomplished then I'm not too sure how to fit them in.

At the moment transportation is a little short at my place, as we're down to a single vehicle instead of the 3 that were available a month ago. (The truck is in need of major repair - a new engine - and may not really be worth it for us to fix it seems).

I don't see why we couldn't watch said movie. As well, we could put our poker set to work if anyone is interested. And, no, the new Tims isn't open yet. What's blown on the truck engine?

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

The argument against watching the movie would presumeably be that it takes a fair while to watch and allows relatively little opportunity for interaction during that time.

Poker might be a reasonable change of pace from the traditional games of five hundred. At the moment I can't really think of any other possibilities for new games to try.

I'm not totally sure what's wrong with the truck as I didn't talk to the mechanic. The symptom was that it was all of a sudden starting guzzling about as much oil as gas.

After a number of phone calls this evening, it looks like things have now been sorted out for a get-together tomorrow evening at Darren & Shena's place at about 5 pm.

I'll try to remember to lug along some pop (and non-pop) and also rent Sahara before coming (as the theory is that a 5pm start should allow us time to both play games and watch a movie). Hopefully Ryan can find some chips to drag along. Scott: if you don't care for PC iced tea, then you might want to drag along some iced tea stuff or the ingredients for some other beverage of choice, as PC iced is probably the only non-carbonated beverage kicking around the house at the moment.

It seems that Scott is willing to give me a lift, so that takes care of my transportation issues.