How time flies...

I just realized when driving home from Safeway this evening, that I've already been here in Calgary for over a month now (which means that I get paid soon!).

Anyways, in case you haven't heard - and if you happen to care - my temporary accomodations are proving to be slightly less temporary, and it seems like I'll be living at my present location until the end of the semester. Sharing with a couple of roommates makes things fairly cheap, and I'm hoping for better pickings as far as accomodations are concerned at the end of April (given that it's end of semester).

I spent just about $1000 on furniture during the week prior ($750 of that being a mattress - which unfortunately won't be delivered until Feb 9, which means another week and a half sleeping on half a futon mattress). On top of the mattress, I now own a bookshelf, a night table, and a chair.

I'm still in the shopping phase for a desk, although hopefully that problem will be solved within a week so that I can then bring my desktop out of storage finally after a month on the laptop. After arriving home at 7pm this evening from the university, I checked with the brick to see what if I could order the same desk as I had back in BC. It turns out that that is a possibility, but unfortunately the thing wouldn't be here until March, and I don't want to wait that long. There are a number of other options that I'm considering: 1, 2, 3, 4 (which seems to have a white board built in which is kind of cool). Anyways, I'm looking for something both to house my computer and also to house my stereo (each speaker and the main unit are about 25 cm wide, and about 30 cm deep).


Of all of them, 2 looks like it would lend itself most to be used for other things in addition to containing a computer. The others all look incredibly narrow, and not conducive to storing other things, or even doing non-computer work on. That being said, the wheels are kinda screwy.

Indeed, #2 seems to have the most desk space. I'm wondering though if that lower shelf in the middle gets in the way of ones legs.

Yah, the bottom looks a little out of place. To be sure, you'd have to site at it.