Wonder if my degree has finally been approved

Sometime in early February the SFU senate was supposed to be putting their stamp of approval on my degree. If I look at my unofficial transcript at goSFU, it now shows at the end a confer date for one first class honours degree. I wonder if this means that it's now passed the approval stage (the check application status still shows it as under review). Ah well, I supopse that it at least means that progress is happening.

Anyways, another question to ask is: given that the convocation date listed is mid-week (a wednesday - June 7th), is it worth travelling about 1000 km to be there?


Is it worth it to you? We can't answer that. If it involves visiting us maybe you can kill two birds with one stone as the saying goes.


I didn't feel like going to convocation either, but looking back I'm glad I did.

I'd look at it as an excuse for a holiday. You'd get to visit your familiy and friends, and get to have the quasi-memorable experience of attending your own convocation