Looks like it might be a little cold this week...

Take a look at the weather forecast for this week... for Thursday a high of -21 and a low of -26. Thus far temperatures haven't been much worse than a typical Vancouver winter, but it looks like that might change this week (if one can trust weather forecasters).


I think it's supposed to get cold in the next week or two down here as well, so we'll see. Thing is though, Dave, in Calgary, the cold isn't the same. Going outside without a jacket at -5 is no problem, here, at +5 a jacket is *mandatory*

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

Indeed, the temperature here is supposed to be dipping back down below zero the next few days at least.

How's the rain down there by the way? Since my arrival I don't think that I've seen any precipitation on more than about 5 days - and even then it was only for a short while. I was obliged in January to spend some time snickering over the amount of rain that you seemed to be getting.

We set a record last month for most days of rainfall, but this month so far has been much drier. Sun even comes out once in a while!