How did Darren miss this one yesterday?


Good thing I'm going railfanning tomorrow to make up for the oversight, eh?

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

I might take advantage of the stat holiday on Monday to do a little railfanning. I was thinking of doing that Saturday, but at the moment I need to let my car thaw out. It was a bit cold the past couple of days, so for the moment it's frozen up. I had checked with a number of Albertans to see what might cause damage and what might just leave me stuck without a car for a few days and decided to take the cheapskate route and save full winterization of the car for later (I bus or walk almost everywhere anyways).

Is it a sign that I'm adjusting to life in Calgary, when I start to think "ooh ... -10... it's nice and warm outside"?

Bleh... perhaps I'll have to put a little more wear and tear on my skates tomorrow.

Yeah I guess Dave doesn't have a block heater or rustproof undercoating yet. You'll want to get those since you'll be out there for two years at least.

Undercoating - got that... block heater - not yet (although I currently don't really have a place to plug one in either)

Mmmm...block heater. These days, because I don't run the little red car very often any more, I need the one I have. The car won't start unless it's somewhat warm, and the block heater works like a charm!

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

I'm still trying to figure out what exactly to buy. You can buy a magnetic-mount thing (annoyingly, you're supposed to store it inside between uses, so it would be a bit of a pain), you can get something to heat your coolant, something to heat your oil pan, a battery heater, and a "block heater". Different people that I've talked to have said that they prefer different kinds... so that doesn't really tell me what to do.

The joys of car ownership... the cold spell last week finally knocked my car battery dead, so on Saturday I had to go and spend a bunch on a new one. Hmn... my stereo seems to function a little better with the new battery, although still some speaker issues. That might be a bit of a subjective impression though, given that I hadn't used the stereo in quite a while.

Most block heaters screw into a plug near the bottom of the block. Many cars come with the hole there, but just a plug in it, not a block heater. They heat your coolant (and by doing so the rest of the engine), and MUST be unplugged before you start the vehicle (otherwise the coolant flowing by the heater will burn it out).

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.