What to do with a stat holiday in February?

It was nice not to have to work today, it being a stat holiday and all. It's so unfortunate that B.C. doesn't have such a thing. Don't you wish that you had the day off as well? (OK ... enough rubbing it in I guess).

Anyways, I went on a spur of the moment trip to Edmonton this weekend. I decided that I might as well go, phoned some relatives up in Edmonton, and was packed and had the engine in the car running within a time span of about 10 minutes (one benefit of being single and living away from your parents I guess).

Anyways, there's more to come in a bit. I'm running Windows at the moment, so unsurprisingly I need to reboot to complete a security update.


I had Friday off from having worked the previous Saturday. Would be cool to have Family Day as a stat here too though. On the radio yesterday I heard that both BC and Alberta have 9 stat holidays, which seems to indicate that you're missing one somewhere else.

In Alberta, there's no stat holiday in August (where you might have BC Day).

Ah yes. I know there are a few other provinces that do have the same stat holiday. Depending on the province (and sometimes calendar manufacturer), it's either called [name of province] Day or Civic Day.

I think that it's called "Alberta Heritage Day" here, although it's not officially a stat holiday