Predicted ratio of Iced Cappucino bill to gas bill when Dave travels


I'm not quite as bad as you all think (is the Tim Horton's on Highway 10 now open by the way?).

I stopped a total of 4 times on the drive from Surrey to Calgary in December:

  • a stop for gas in Cache Creek as I hadn't topped off the tank before leaving home,
  • Tim Hortons in Sicamous, and
  • a Tim Hortons / fuel stop at Golden as I'd been stuck driving at a slow pace due to the snowfall for the past hour or so and so wasn't sure if conditions would worsen or not beyond that point,
  • Tim Hortons in Canmore as I needed to phone up some people in Calgary with an ETA and had to unbury the page containing directions.

On the round trip Calgary <-> Edmonton there were 3 iced capps involved. As the trip was totally impromptu, I hadn't had time to make supper and so picked up a sandwich at Tim Horton's (in Airdrie) at the same time. I picked up another on my way out of Edmonton, and obtained the third in Red Deer.

(Can you tell I'm desperate for excuses to procrastinate at the moment?)

Anyways, how are gas prices in the Fraser Valley at the moment? I paid 77.9 cents per litre during the weekend's travels.

As of this morning, the Tim's wasn't open. But yesterday, store lights were on, so it should be any day now. Gas prices in Aldergrove are right around 80 cents, and Jen said that the gas station by her house was 77.9 as well, IIRC.

I filled up yesterday morning at 81.9 cents.

I filled up at 89.9 in Superstore yesterday

IN Superstore!?! :-P