Thoughts on Calgary prompted by the trip...

One thing I realized as I did the drive home from Edmonton, is how I almost live on the prairies now. I say almost, as it's a little hard to consider yourself truly a prairie dweller when you have a ski hill almost next-door, and some reasonably steep stretches of road nearby. There's a Lutheran church nearby (haven't been inside yet) with a name something like "Our Shepherd of the Foothills" which is basically the category that I guess the area falls into.

There were some stretches along the highway from Edmonton though in which no mountains could be seen in any direction, but eventually as I got near Calgary a few distant mountains became noticable once more. I think that I prefer B.C. driving at this point, just as it's a little less boring if you have to turn the wheel occasionally. On the other hand, flat and straight means that you can make good time from point A to point B (and hypothetically could bring up weather forecasts on [one of] your cell phone's web browser[s]).

As a sidenote, using multiple web browsers on your phone probably has a high geekiness quotient. I eventually installed Opera Mini on my phone, as I couldn't get GMail's WAP interface to load with the phone's normal browser (sometimes it's nice to have unlimited data transfer included in your cell contract).

I don't know if you caught it above, but during the trip to Edmonton I started to think a little more explicitly of Calgary as "home" rather than a place containing "the townhouse" (as it was in the gallery description of the most recent set of photos added to the gallery). I've seen almost nothing of the SE sector of the city, and little of the North ... but for the rest the streets are becoming reasonably familiar.


I definitely felt like a prairie dweller after living in St. Albert for two months, but at the end of it I had to go home whereas you're not even halfway finished yet.

I'm not even a quarter of the way finished yet. At the same time, I haven't got a clue what might follow my studies in Calgary and to what location that might lead.