Other than my parents, do you think that there are any people who regularly read Rotundus but haven't registered for an account?


see the subject so it's a possibility.

Hmn. "Didn't ... for ages" seems to imply "did after not having done for a long time" (unless I'm misinterpreting). Yet, the comment is from an anonmyous user.

The wonders of trying to say something sensible when you're half asleep. Somehow I don't think I accomplished that.

I know for a fact that there are people reading Rotundus who don't have an account (not including the anonymous person who replied above).

Didn't one or more of your brothers have accounts back when Rotundus was running PHP Nuke?

Yep. Don't think he ever comes here though.

Well, I don't know how many members there are, but going by the 11 people who've responded to your poll, I'd say the answer is definitely yes!

Is this poll supposed to be an encouragement to register?:)

Is this poll supposed to be an encouragement to register?:)

Sure... why not?

But staying anonymous is more fun...

It's also more work, in that anything you post first gets thrown a moderation queue and I have to go and manually approve each one. (There have been some spam problems in the past, and while this strategy is a bit of a nuisance, at least it keeps the casino ads and whatnot off the site).