One of the latest batch of books to arrive

I finally recieved in the mail a short while ago an Amazon shipment that I had been waiting for for quite some time.

I read Mark Noll's History of Christianity in the United States and Canada in Fall 2005, and found it quite interesting, so I was looking to read another of his books. In this shipment I received was a fairly famous book of his, The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, from which I'd like to offer a short quote:

Evangelical seminaries have often enjoyed brilliant biblical scholars, but these scholars are isolated from comparably brilliant Christians in the evangelical colleges (whose mandate is broad and general) and in the research universities (whose mandate is narrow and deep). All teachers in the evangelical institutions suffer under a further problem created by the absence of non-Christian scholars, or Christian scholars who are not evangelical Protestants. Despite good intentions, it is almosts always easier to misconstrue the arguments of others if they are not present. p. 20

Also in my shipment was another book that I think will be rather intriguing. I picked up Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, which is basically an argument that modern science is not only based on fact but also derives conclusions based on the social context in which scientists exist. Should be interesting to read, particularly in how this might be connected to the whole intelligent design argument.


The topic of Intelligent Design came up last Thursday night. Either Will or Mark mentioned that the intelligent design argument is having a lot of trouble gaining footing even among some Christians. Apparently the way they tried to go about it created some discrepancies?

You may not be able to analyze incidents of divine intervention through the tools of science.

Incidentally, on my bookshelf I also have a copy of Perspectives on an Evolving Creation - basically an anthology of essays written by Christians who believe in evolution. Haven't gotten around to digging into that yet though.