Why read Xanga? Read Rotundus!

I've got a presentation which I really should finish for tomorrow so naturally I've been procrastinating (technically I can also present on Thursday if I choose). Once thing that I've been wondering about lately is how to best integrate Xanga and Rotundus. I've recently enabled an RSS feed for the site, so if you're into that sort of thing, you can now read Rotundus that way.

If you're wondering what RSS is and what it's good for, I just enabled the news aggregator on the site. Now through that and the wonders of RSS, you can get a Xanga fix without ever leaving Rotundus!

Currently the news aggregator is merging together about 8 or 9 Xanga blogs that I've started to read, as well as Depravity - a favourite news source.


I killed off the Depravity feed. It's a great site and I reccomend it, but the way the RSS feed is setup all formatting is lost and the posts become rather difficult to read.

Glad to see you are catching up with the times.