Fedora Core 5 is out

I just noticed that Fedora Core 5 was released. Time to upgrade, I think, given that my desktop is currently running Fedora Core 3 (plus umpteen patches, and customizations).

It's a 3.something gig download though, although the U of C hosts a mirror for it. That means that I can probably get reasonable speed.

One thing that I've been debating is dropping a nice big hard drive (200 - 250 gigs) into my desktop to give me a little more space to work with. Currently my 80 gig drive has only about 5 gigs free, and that's with a fair bit of stuff put on DVD.


I've currently got a 120GB drive and I've run out of space more than once. For my next hard drive upgrade I've got my eye on the Samsung SpinPoint P120 series drives. The SATA2 variety comes in either 200GB or 250GB. They also come in IDE if for some reason you don't want SATA2 (only reason I can think of might be price, but the difference isn't that much).


They also come in IDE if for some reason you don't want SATA2 (only reason I can think of might be price

How about compatibility with an existing motherboard as another reason?

BTW, was there a barrier of 137(?) gb, after which you might need to get a new ide controller card for your PC?

I can't remember, but it does sound sort of familiar.

Motherboard support is a good reason I guess. I've heard that if your board supports SATA but not SATA2, SATA2 drives are backwards-compatible so they'll still work. Kind of like how USB2.0 still works with USB1.1 just not as fast. Still faster than IDE though.

SATA may have more potential for growth, but I don't think that the earlier speed limit was something that any of the drives were hitting. Not sure if it's any different now though.

Depends if you only have more than one hard drive. If the bus speed is faster, then you can potentially move more data over the bus to several disks at a time.