Online audio that I listen to

I've been too busy as of late to put my MP3 player to much use. (Although I've heard that some people listen to music on them - what a thought!) I suppose that a lot of the stuff that I listen to is quite academic, but so that you don't fall asleep right away I figure I'll start off with stuff that's a little more light.

Audiobooks: The Fraser Valley Regional Library gives you access to Netlibrary ( is good for getting the latest titles, but costs $$$)

Christian: I'm known to listen to random things on On top of that, the Maclaurin Institute has some good stuff (although they don't happen to update often). I think that Bredenhof's been trying to sell people on it, but I do also tend to listen to the White Horse Inn fairly frequently. I posted about it recently, but there's also the Issues, etc. show that I posted about recently. has a bunch of interesting stuff available in MP3 format.

Nerdy: The BBC has a show called In Our Times which covers a number of different topics from history to philosophy to science to religion.

Academic (feel free to doze off now): Albany Univerity has a show called Talking History available, although I haven't listened to all that much of this yet. I should note that probably the majority of my more academic stuff is not available in MP3 - I've got software that enables me to convert most things over to MP3 (including ripping audio streams from video feeds).

WARNING: I don't necessarily agree with all the conclusions reached in a lot of these, but I listen to them to figure out what it is that others think about particular topics (some recent stuff from Stanford has particularly been annoying me). Anyways, on the academic front, you can find stuff from Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, the University of Washington, and various other academics via Research Channel and University Channel.

This, btw, is only a small sampling of from my list of audio sources on my wiki.


I tried to listen to a French radio station online. It's at but for some reason I can listen to it about 5 minutes and then it will crash and give me a java error and my browser will nearly kill the computer. It happened three times before I started avoiding it...

Also tried to download a "Learn Dutch" audio thing from the Fraser Valley Regional Library system. It downloaded just fine, but the file won't play. Winamp doesn't detect it at all, and Windows Media Player says it is protected by copyright or something (and then directs me to a webpage where it tells me the fix for this problem is only available if you call the support line they provide and possibly pay $50 for service- ha!)

So to sum it up.. interesting concept but it hasn't worked out so well for me yet. Even the Christian French radio station you sent me hasn't been cooperating that well lately.