What kind of milk do you usually drink?

13% (2 votes)
33% (5 votes)
33% (5 votes)
Other type
0% (0 votes)
I can't (allergies, lactose-intolerant, ...)
7% (1 vote)
I don't like it
13% (2 votes)
Total votes: 15


I just flipped from 2% to 1% just a short while ago, so I'm curious what the rest of you folks are drinking.

As you know I don't drink milk for allergy reasons but I do use it in cooking, and then it is 2%

I've been drinking 1% for a LONG time.

IIRC Ryan made the switch from 1% to skim within the past year or so.

It's been back and forth. Sometimes one, sometimes the other. I think we're currently back at 1%, but I'm not sure. One thing that I have noticed going back and forth is that 1% pours much nices than skim does because it's thicker.

I think that I might try to drop from 1% down to skim yet, but I figured that 2% straight down to skim was simply too large a step to take at once

Indeed, it's quite the difference. I would guess that at least a few months of 1% would be needed to be able to switch to skim with minimal dislike.

What does IIRC mean? I should know this...

I(f) I R(ecall) C(orrectly)

Maybe you should add the acronym element to the allowed list so that we can include the expanded forms when posting?

Doesn't that miss the point of using such acronyms? (speed)


You guys crack me up. I don't really like milk, but am not allergic to it. If the situation requires me to drink milk (out of politeness, etc.) I usually drink 1%.