Trying to find a place to rent != fun

Well, I spent Saturday phoning around to try to find a basement suite, and (even for places in the paper that very day) either they had already been rented or I ended up at the tail end of some rather long queue.

Apartment dwellings around here seem to be going for somewhere in the neighborhood of $650+ for a studio or 1 bedroom, and that's even if you can find one (I phoned about 5 or 6 complexes between classes this afternoon and only one place had a single unit available in the $800 range).

Tomorrow comes another round of phoning apartment complexes looking for space, although I'm not feeling overly optomistic. Just wondering if I should be digging around in the shared accomodation listings, given that I've had no luck finding roommates to split the cost thus far.


Anyone know anything about the legalities of subletting? (given that there's not that much difference in cost between a 1 and 2 bedroom place)

Anyone feel like investing in some Calgarian real-estate? From what I've been hearing prices in a lot of places are up by about 30% from last fall (sounds like a pretty good return on investment to me!)