I feel somehow dirty...

I just installed MS Office 2003 onto my computer this afternoon. Amazing that my credit card didn't scream out in horror and prevent that $116.63 from heading Microsoft's way!


Hmmmmmmm whatever happened to the student discount? Or is that already the discounted price? Or am I completely confused?

That is the discounted price - the student and teacher edition (next cheapest) is about $200, and full retail is $500.

A Linux credit card? Crazy.

Microsoft stuff is definitely overpriced, but it's good stuff. Maybe I'm biased because I'm an OEM?

Wow! I'm kind of weirded out by how MS Office 2003 seems to be dealing with file formats.

So, I needed to get going with my powerpoint presentation so I used "Open Office Document" to load the thing. For some reason, I couldn't find the option that I was looking for, and only eventually did I realize that it was OpenOffice that had popped up rather than Powerpoint. It's amazing how similar the two products are, and I'm really surprised that MS Office didn't steal the PPT file extension for itself (it didn't even ask to associate PPT with itself).