Anyone played much with Wikis?

I created a Wiki at yesterday, with the idea of using it to organize my bookmarks amongst platforms and also for a little bit of scheming and plotting regarding some of my ideas (eg. the Google Maps idea mentioned a while back).

At the moment the access policy by default offers access only to myself on all pages by default making it a little less open than many wikis that I've observed in the past. One interesting thing is that the access control policies also apply to things like the login page. When I had originally set the access policy to give access only to myself, I was actually prevented from accessing the login page in order to login to the system (a little database hacking fixed that).

The software package that I've chosen to use for my new wiki is Wikka Wiki. (Who comes up with such silly names anyways?)


I visit Wikipedia quite a bit. It's an interesting concept, but has some unfortunate problems like back-and-forth editing wars. Sure they can be stopped by locking down the page, but that defeats the whole Wiki concept.

I've been thinking about consolidating at least some of my bookmarks somewhere. Currently I'm using email to synchronize my web development-related bookmarks between home and office.

I agree about the problems with articles in Wikipedia regarding controversial topics, but for some other stuff it might not be so bad. I'd like to ensure that a change history was collected in that case, and perhaps a limitation on the number of changes permitted per hour or something, so limit the ease of changability.

I was originally using GMail's drafts to collect bookmarks (I think that I might have one or two of those still kicking about). I found that it was a bit ackward to deal with though. Thus far, my work on the wiki seems to be progressing well.

That was me BTW. For some reason I wasn't logged in anymore.