Where do you think that Dave will be next weekend


So, the background to this is that I'm going to be basically kicked out of where I've been staying for a few days. (The honeymooners come home Saturday sometime, and won't get possession of their new place until the Monday, May 1).

I've been working on gradually accumulating camping gear, so I suspect that I'll probably be field testing that next weekend. The main question is where. If you're interested in camping somewhere in the vicinity of Shuswap the last weekend of April, give me a shout.

If Ontario wasn't so far away, I would say you should go here:

Too pricey and I don't think that I'm too desperate to stay in a caboose. I've been debating flying somewhere east one of these days though. I'm not even sure if I was in high school yet the last time that I set foot in Ontario.

I'm currently debating the following airports as potential places to fly into for a weekend or a bit longer: Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal. I've flown into both Hamilton and Toronto before (multiple times into each I think), and may have driven into Ottawa once. However, I've never really done any sightseeing in Ottawa, and have never yet set foot in Quebec.