It looks like 'camping in the BC interior' is to be the winner

So, thus far it seems that one other person is interested in camping somewhere in the vicinity of Shuswap this weekend. Give me a shout if you're interested, and I can set you up with access to the corresponding wiki page.

Yes, it's early enough in the season that most campgrounds won't be open yet, but the temperatures should be OK. Last year, I spent a night in my tent on an April trip and that worked out well. The temperatures then were definitely a lot warmer than when sleeping in the car back in November 2003 (-10 or colder excluding windchill).


Ah the good old days...

You really do have too much time on your hands!

(there's still a few hours left in which you might still decide to join us)

Took less than a minute; some web site had a construction sign generator script which uses the GD library to stick the text on the picture.

I won't be joining you guys; camping isn't for me.