Anyone interested in watching this?

After getting home from the "photography" excursion, I walked down to Rogers' Video to grab a movie to watch sometime in the next few days. What I ended up with was a copy of Luther, a biography of Martin Luther about which I've heard some good things.

Not sure when I'll end up watching it, but post a comment or send an email if you're interested in joining me. I don't think that I'll get a chance to watch it tomorow, but basically any time after that is fair game.


I'm up for it sometime this week. Sounds like it could be interesting.

Ok. My prediction is that it will be watched sooner rather than later.

As in: this evening after I go bookshopping? or something not that soon.

Perhaps. As far as bookshopping is concerned, are you planning some online shopping or will you be running to Chapters or something?