Bringing a blog back to life...

It seems that in the past while I haven't gotten around to posting anything of consequence lately. I think that the aftermath of camping - the whole arriving back in Calgary to several days of semi-homelessness threw me a little bit off. The whole I-just-want-to-sleep-in-my-own-bed vibe became pretty powerful those days. It's unsettling to think that there are those who walk around everyday without knowing where they'll be sleeping the next night.

It's also amazing just trivially we tend to treat so much of what is out there. I recall mentioning in the parking lot of the Vernon CanRC that Sunday that I wasn't too sure what province I'd be in at the end of the day, and ended up reflecting on that statement (amongst others) while driving eastwards that evening. How can one drive through some of the most beautiful and majestic examples of creation and simply overlook them?

Anyways, I enjoyed hanging out in the Okanagan for a few days and wouldn't mind a repeat at some point in the future (minus the Saturday afternoon rain/wind). Remainder, though, when packing that along with your spare tire you should also take a spare spatula (Sometimes the weirdest things that I've had sitting in my trunk have proven handy, and that trip was no exception).

I'd post a few photos of the trip, but unfortunately they're still sitting on a roll of film in the camera (I'm still debating Nikon vs. Canon and point-and-shoot vs. DSLR). Those photos include some rail shots taken from the waterfront in Salmon Arm just before heading back to Tim Hortons to meet Ryan - he'd been waiting at the wrong location. Maybe I should head to Drumheller this weekend and finish off the roll of film there.


For some reason the website won't let me log in. It loads the login page again everytime I try to log in. It's not the wrong password, because when I put the wrong password in it tells me the password is wrong. It's like instead of logging in, it refreshes the login page. Grr. Anyway, how goes the house search? Hang in there... hopefully you'll find something soon.

I highly recommend Drumheller. It was absolutely amazing watching the scenery change as we drove there, and once we were there, it felt like being in a Roadrunner cartoon.