A nice dreary long weekend...

I ended up scrapping thoughts of going camping on the weekend as the weather was looking remarkably unspectacular. I've grown accustomed around here to not carrying a jacket everywhere that I go, but ended up seeing rain on both Friday and today. Given the weather, I also decided not to bother driving up to Red Deer to chase the 2816 back down to Calgary.

This evening I spent some time navigating my way around the northern regions of the city, which is soon to become my new home. Under some rather ominous skies I went for a walk in Nose Hill Park. It's not a park that I've visited before, but it proved somewhat interesting. Nose Hill is a rather pitiful excuse for a hill, but had just enough of an incline that from the location that I was standing you couldn't see the city to the East. Thus, it looked just like open grasslands fading off into nothingness for the most part. While there I stumbled across a few of these:

In retrospect I should have taken my camera, but checking out this park was a spur of the moment idea. Something that I'll have to do later I suppose.


Here's an amusing anecdote from my weekend. On Saturday I was at a barbeque for Rev. Folkerts (a URC minister that Aldergrove has called) and he asked the entire group, "What do you do for fun around here?" A quick-thinking individual wittily replied, "We go to Brad's house for a barbeque."

We've had rain the past few days. But today we also had a beautiful rainbow!