What are your thoughts on watching TV?

Since the move back in December I've watched no TV excepting small bits and pieces seen when visiting people. Even though my computer contains a TV tuner card, I haven't bothered to hook any sort of antenna. It's been an interesting change from the full cable that I was hooked up to back in BC.

Now with my upcoming move to the North-East of the city, I've been reevaluating things, and am trying to figure out if I should pick up at least basic cable. The summer gives me a little extra time, as I'm currently neither TAing nor taking classes. One alternative would be to subscribe to one of these DVD-by-mail rental places. I'd probably opt for Zip.ca as it seems to one of the largest selections of titles (it might even be the largest for all I know).

So, what if any TV do you watch, and how long in a week might you find yourself watching?


So what are your summer plans for your Masters?

If I watch TV it's mostly Law & Order, and I watched The Amazing Race and Apprentice too. Also I enjoy the house renovation shows like "While you were out' on TLC. And the occasional French channel watching. But you knew that already....

I watch TV a lot less than I used to. It's still a lot more than the average person though. I probably watch about 3 hours a day of TV. A lot of that has to do with limited ability to do other things :-/

So far as TV goes: It might be an idea to get a feel for popular culture with a show here and there, as well as the local news, so long as you don't end up watching too much.

So what are your summer plans for your Masters?

Umm... researching. What else?

I think I'm watching less TV than I used to, partly due to there not being anything exceptionally good on TV in the evenings. All the best stuff seems to be on during the day. I watch an hour or two of TV on weekdays (usually Discovery Channel), and more on the weekends (TBS, TV Land, Dejaview).

NBC had a really good show called Heist for a few weeks. It's a lot like Ocean's Eleven but more detailed. It lasted five episodes and then was cancelled due to low ratings. IMHO it was the best television show in years. I've been trying to make my own DVD in case they don't release it but I'm having trouble getting the AVIs to be the proper size for NTSC.