Carcassonne world record

5517 tiles, and 34 hours of play times. The winning player scored 7947 points, the longest road was 18 tiles, and the largest city was 33 tiles.

It also seems that in the latest revision of the rules, the scoring exception for two-tile cities has been removed so they now score 4 instead of 2 points.


I should note that Wikipedia lists several computer versions of the game.

The official computer game is no longer available for sale, but there's a demo available which looks somewhat decent. Ok, just went through the installation process and it was all in German, but you can get through it just by clicking on buttons. It's possible to change the in-game language to English by editing the config file as described on the downloads page.

The Java implementation site is in Dutch, which is not a supported language in Google Language Tools yet, so I'm lost.

York - no download link anywhere?

Toulouse - I don't feel inclined to register for an account.

Brettspielwelt - I see a download link but I'm not sure it's for the game or what?

Like I said last night, might be cool to write our own.

Regarding York - there is an old version available at the site

Nice, I'll have to give it a try tonight. That slider to adjust the number of tiles looks particularly interesting.

I played the official demo three times last night, twice against the computer and once against myself. Against the computer, after a certain number of moves it autoplays the rest of the game (I lost both times). With two human players it lets you play the entire game, but playing against yourself it's not much fun. Also, the official demo only seems to include the original game, no expansions.

Has very annoying sounds with no way to shut them off except turning off my speakers or rewriting the source code and recompiling. No computer player to play against. There is multiplayer support, but no server browser so you need to have an exact address.

Regarding Toulouse - the account registration is rather basic. You don't even need to provide an email address if you don't want to.

I had to buy Carcassone now that David forgot to forget it at "home."

Did you also pick up any of the expansion packs?

Not yet. I probably will in the future.

There's actually a great store in Central City mall for games. It's called Craving for a Game and they have all sorts of games from Europe like Carcassonne, Settlers, Dutch Blitz, Puerto Rico, and other games you've probably never heard of. When I went there today the guy was so bored he tried to talk me into playing a game with him.

Have you ever played Puerto Rico? I've heard good things about it, but have yet to try the game.

I own Puerto Rico. It's not bad but a steeper learning curve then some other games so it's hard to get new people to play it.

When'd you buy that?

I got it on my birthday I believe.

So, why haven't we played that at some point? I predict a round of Puerto Rico coming up sometime in July.

Count me in.

Thanks for the info Roger. I'm thinking of getting the game an expansions myself.

Looks like they have everything except the rare Cathars expansion.

Well, I'm now the proud (insane?) owner of Carcassonne and all the expansions except The Cathars. When I mentioned The Cathars to the guy at Craving For A Game, he said, "I guarantee I can get that for you." I laughed and said, "I don't think you want to guarantee that because you probably won't be able to get it for me. It was only available in Spielbox magazine." Two other customers in the store gave an affirmative, "Yup." The guy then replied, "Oh, in that case you're right I can't get it for you."

I saw a rumor on BGG that The Cathars will be available in an American magazine eventually, but who knows if it's true. I also found a link to an order form on the Spielbox web site where you can order The Carcassonne Almanac which includes The Cathars expansion and other stuff. If you buy more than one they give a discount on shipping; anybody interested?

How much money did you spend?!!?! (There are quite a few expansions!). I now own River II as well as Inns & Cathedrals.

Next time I'm in BC should we go and play one mega-game? (Considering that Ryan, Roger, you, and I all own copies and in some cases expansions as well. Keith owns a copy as well, but I'm coming back on the weekend of his wedding so he'll probably be otherwise occupied.)

Just finished playing a round of this and IMHO it's the best thus far. It includes several expansions; supports both singleplayer and multiplayer. Only problem was the installer doesn't create the shortcuts properly so they need to be fixed manually. Didn't give me the exact feeling of playing the game like the official demo did, but it's open source so with some work that could be improved upon.