Back in Calgary

It was a little odd to visit my old stomping grounds for a few days. So much had changed and yet so little had changed during that time. And now - with time having flown by - I'm back once again in Calgary.

I suppose that my return is with somewhat mixed emotions, as might be expected. It was good to be (officially) home again, and now its nice to be (unofficially) home again. Yet, whereever you go all you always end up falling somewhat out of touch with things in other places. That said, the more I move the more there is to forget.

One of the things on my todo list is to pester Jacob to get me some more information on foreign-studenthood in the Netherlands. Hopefully this will be more affordable than the UK universities whose websites I was poking about were.

More commentary on the trek to BC will have to await my procurement of some shuteye.


I've got 3 visitors from your site already. I hope they can read dutch, else it won't work for them. You can try a translator like But I don't think proper English will be put out.
By the way, you have to specify what information you need from the dutch universities. There is probably some english on the dutch university websites though. Let me know.

I tried running your first post through Babelfish last night, and I think I was able to understand most of what you were trying to communicate. However, the translation is definitely far from perfect; there were still quite a few Dutch words scattered throughout the translation.

Like gezellig for example? There is no English equivalent.

Mostly, I take it to mean "comfortable" (as in a comfortable silence, mood, etc.). It seems to be the most accurate.

The Dutch word 'gezellig' is mostly related to a sociable environment. So it can be a property of a visit at somebody's place.
Though a room of a house can also be 'gezellig', even without people around.