For all settlers fan(atics)!

Own the 10th anniversary limited edition of Settlers - a bargain at only $450!

Somehow I think that there are people crazy enough to spend that amount of money on the game. I for now will debate whether or not Puerto Rico or some Carcassonne expansions are worth spending the money on. Incidentally the site linked above is a local store in Calgary that I just stumbled across.


I have a sneaky suspicion the gameplay rivals the computer version.

I enjoyed the original Railroad Tycoon. As to the enjoyability of gameplay for the board game, in the BoardGameGeeks rankings it's #23, just 2 spots behind Settlers of Catan and 15 spots in front of Carcassonne. (Puerto Rico is ranked #1).

At that price, I would have expected it to include more than just the base game and Cities and Knights expansion. Should also include Seafarers, and all three 5-6 player expansions. Hopefully for the sake of those who buy it there is extra space to accomodate these things. One candidate to purchase this comes to mind in particular.

I was reading about all the Carcassonne expansions on Board Game Geek last night, and the general consensus seems to be that Inns & Cathedrals and Traders & Builders are the essential expansions. However, the others include some handy tiles for filing in those dead zones, even if you don't play with the additional rules.