Looking for a few things to tweak Windows XP with

I've been running Windows XP fairly frequently lately, and am looking for a few tweaks to make things more usable. As far as window-management goes, I'm looking for something that'll give me the ever-so-handy Always-on-top option which is found in pretty much any *nix windowing environment.

I've also been using Cygwin a fair bit which tends to leave quite a few stray windows around. Thus it would be nice to either have a Hide feature or Multiple desktops. One of MS's powertoys implements multiple desktops, but I've found that this product takes up so much screen real-estate that it is rendered effectively useless.

On the computer front, Apple has recently announced a rebate program offering students who buy a Mac a rebate on an iPod. You could get a free 2G nano or a 30 gig iPod for about $100. (And this is on top of the regular Apple academic discounts - and AirMiles through YourShops.ca). The newer Apple products can run Windows XP natively, and via MSDNAA I should be able to get a free copy of XP Pro for the thing should I so desire.


There's probably something for Always-on-top, but I'm not aware of anything in particular because I don't have a need for that sort of functionality.

I'm not aware of other multiple desktop solutions other than the Powertoy. Screen real estate wasn't so much an issue for me as the bugginess of thing. I got tired of programs switching desktops on me.

Here's what I'm using to tweak Windows XP right now:
Visual Task Tips
Royale Theme (originally from Media Center Edition)