Magazines to which I am presently a subscriber

I don't get only books in the mail - I also get other things there. (Amongst these other things might be found bills unfortunately :) Anyways, over the past while I've started up a couple of magazine subscriptions.

I've been listening to the White Horse Inn for a while, so a short while ago I subscribed to the corresponding magazine - Modern Reformation.

As well, I'd heard of the magazine Touchstone before, but with the prodding of one Peter Torenvliet I am now a subscriber to that as well.

So, what magazines do the rest of you subscribe to or at least read regularly?


I receive a lot of magazines, but Modern Reformation is one of two or three that I always read from cover to cover. It is definitely one of the best magazines available. The latest issue, "The Peace that Starts the War" is excellent. Some of the others:

Mission Frontiers (a free magazine from the US Center for World Mission)
New Horizons (the official magazine of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church)
Reformed Perspective
Christian Renewal
Lux Mundi

I also subscribe to a number of journals:

Westminster Theological Journal
Protestant Reformed Theological Journal
Reformed Theological Journal
Mid-America Journal of Theology
Evangelical Missions Quarterly
Journal of Biblical Counselling (which is also worth reading from cover to cover)

Most of my reading is done on-line, but I seem to have a subscription to APC Currents.

Does Reader's Digest count?