Calgary labour shortage hits close to home...

I suspect that at the moment anyone, and likely also their dog, could find some sort of employment here in Calgary with little difficulty. It seems that dining establishments are trimming hours and staff levels. Some construction projects seem to be sitting idle, and apparently the city doesn't have enough people to handle cutting the grass on a regular basis.

Now it seems that they've gone too far. I was down at one of the nearer-by Tim Hortons' locations and noticed that now that place is now closing between the hours of midnight - 4am. Whatever am I to do when I need an iced-cappucino at 2am? It's such a hard life ;-)

(That said ... when classes are under way I've been known to wind up studying at Tim Horton's at some rather odd times)


[sarcasm]Poor Dave...[/sarcasm]

Seems to be lots of help wanted signs around here too.