Learning from the CBC

One of the radio stations that I'm most frequently found listening to these days would be CBC Radio 2. CBC is definitely not what might prompt one to think on Christian worship, but the other day it did just that. The CBC at the time was playing a set of Christmas music. What it prompted me to think was how often such music disappears from our lives outside of December. Why? Should we only celebrate Christ's birth in song in the wintertime?

Yesterday on CBC Radio: Interrupting broadcasts to give tornado warnings. Reminds me of when I was with my family in Canmore a couple of weeks ago and the emergency broadcast system was used to warn of imminent loonie-sized hail in some area of the province. Seems like there's definitely dramatic weather conditions out here - and it's not just a colder winter!


You can celebrate Christ's birth year-round if you want, but there are other events to be celebrated too: Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Day. If you're going to celebrate Christmas all-year-round, then shouldn't you be celebrating those other events too? There are also events that we don't really celebrate, but some organists will still play music appropriate to the occasion before and after church services: Epiphany, Lent, etc.

Just this past week I heard a variation on Psalm 68 on Disc Drive (afternoon rush hour program on CBC Radio 2). Every once in a while they play some Christian instrumental-type music.

I'm definitely not against celebrating these other events year-round as well.

How often does CBC have commercials? (Or does it?) When we were listening in Edmonton I didn't hear any...

It's relatively commercial-free... they might advertise other CBC shows, and perhaps have a local events calendar but that seems to be about the extent of it as far as I can recall.