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Euthanasia patient fought back as doctor tried to give her lethal jab
What was the local review committee's response? "Committee spokesman Jacob Kohnstamm added he was in favour of the case going to court: 'Not to punish the doctor, but to get judicial clarity over what powers a doctor has when it comes to the euthanasia of patients suffering from severe dementia.'"
How sexy are sexist men? Women's perception of male response profiles in the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory
"the benevolent sexist was rated to be most likable" - AKA women seem to particularly like men who treat them more positively in certain way even if feminists argue that this negatively impacts 'gender equality'
Risk taking and information aggregation in groups
"We find that a considerable number of subjects exhibit ‘reverse confirmation bias’: they place less weight on information from others that agrees with their private signal and more weight on conflicting information."
Dimensions of Knowledge: On the question of trusting experts
What do you think of this hypothesis? "Experts are conditioned to think in certain ways, by virtue of their institutional training and practice, and when stakes are fairly low, they do. But once stakes are high enough, things change. What might seem like a fairly regular problem in ordinary times, a mere question of technicality, may not look like one in times of crisis. At this point, regular expert-thinking breaks down and things become a little more contested."