Even more random links

Generating Geothermal Power from Carbon Dioxide
Seems like it might largely depend on CO2 captured from fossil-fuel-powered plants but still seems kind of interesting.
The Rise of Technological Unemployment
"Economists long argued that, just as buggy-makers gave way to car factories, technology would create as many jobs as it destroyed. Now many are not so sure. Lawrence H. Summers, the former Treasury secretary, recently said that he no longer believed that automation would always create new jobs."
Forget Wearable Tech. People Really Want Better Batteries.
The need to constantly recharge them is perhaps my biggest gripe about smartphones.
The Soviet Scientist Who Dreamed of Melting the Arctic with a 55 Mile Dam
"As much as we worry about climate change today, a warm, melted Arctic was actually a dream of geoengineers since at least the 19th century."