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Disrupting Education? Experimental Evidence on Technology-Aided Instruction in India
The researchers found it had a big effect and was quite cost-effective. I'm fairly cynical about stuff like this but this one actually strikes me as quite interesting.
It isn't just Asian immigrants who excel in the US; Africans do better than them
"Nigerian-Americans have a median household income well above the American average, and above the average of many white and Asian groups. ... by many measures, the most-educated immigrant group in the U.S. isn’t East Asians. It’s Africans."
Twisted double killer Ian Huntley 'wants SEX CHANGE to spent life in women's jail'
A bit tabloid-ey but given a large enough number of events taking place someone fraudulently claiming gender dysphoria seems likely to happen at some or other whether or not this specific case is that time. How would you judge whether or not the claim is legitimate or not and, given, e.g., Canada's Bill C-16, in certain countries would it even be legal to question such a request? If this is permitted do you think others serving life sentences might opt for a similar path?
World War Three, by Mistake
"The Royal Navy’s decision to save money by using Windows for Submarines, a version of Windows XP, as the operating system for its ballistic-missile subs seems especially shortsighted. Windows XP was discontinued six years ago, and Microsoft warned that any computer running it after April, 2014, “should not be considered protected as there will be no security updates.” Each of the U.K. subs has eight missiles carrying a total of forty nuclear weapons. “It is shocking to think that my home computer is probably running a newer version of Windows than the U.K.’s military submarines,” [former UK defense minister] Brown said."