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Revolutionizing Ourselves
An odd approach for a professional philosopher: "As for idealizing manual labor, Wittgenstein regularly exhorted his colleagues and students to give up philosophy and do something useful for a change. When a gifted young disciple took him at his word and spent the rest of his life toiling away in a canning factory, Wittgenstein was said to be overjoyed."
Featured Ethics Scholar for December: Dennis Gentilin
"To leaders, I simply say this – what should concern you most are the things you don’t know because people are afraid to tell you"
How important are high school courses to college performance? Less than you might think
"students with one more year of high school instruction in physics, psychology, economics, or sociology on average have grades in their first college course in the same subject just 0.003 to 0.2 points higher on a four-point scale. ... these trivially small differences hold even for students who took exactly the same college course."
Attitudes to in vitro meat: A survey of potential consumers in the United States
"although most respondents were willing to try in vitro meat, only one third were definitely or probably willing to eat in vitro meat regularly or as a replacement for farmed meat. Men were more receptive to it than women, as were politically liberal respondents compared with conservative ones. Vegetarians and vegans were more likely to perceive benefits compared to farmed meat, but they were less likely to want to try it than meat eaters. The main concerns were an anticipated high price, limited taste and appeal and a concern that the product was unnatural."