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AI-Powered Drone Will Follow You Around and Take Pictures
Could get annoying if a lot of tourists start using these. Selfie sticks can be annoying, but I'd worry a bit more about a fleet of drones flying overhead.
Must We Have a ‘Melting Pot’?
"What’s happening in America and Europe is in many ways a return to form, a return to a premodern pattern where everyone in a society doesn’t eat or live or marry in the same way. In countries such as Israel and India, which inherit some of their traditions from precursor states (the Ottoman and Mughal Empires respectively) that allowed communities some autonomous self-organization, this type of multiculturalism is still the norm today. In those countries, family law—marriage, divorce, and so on—is particular to various religious sects. As long as different groups can peaceably get along with each other, assimilation and homogenization need not be the end goal of policy."
Science and Politics: Do People Support the Conduct and Dissemination of Politicized Research?
"liberals and conservatives reported that it is less unethical to withhold the publication of research findings that challenge vs. support their views and stronger support for research aligned with their ideology. Politically active participants were especially likely to demonstrate partisan support for science" (Another related study)